Hyperikon’s Five Year Unlimited Warranty

We put a lot of hours into creating lighting products that stand the test of time, so if they don’t, we want to know about it. At Hyperikon, we believe that a great product should be backed by great service. Our Five Year Unlimited Warranty covers a wide variety of mishaps and performance guarantees. If your bulb is damaged due to a power surge, an accidental drop, or just plain stops working for some reason within those first five years, we’ve got you covered. Since our warranty covers normal and approved use, we do not warranty items that are damaged by misuse or negligence.

Hyperikon promises and warrants to the original purchaser of the product covered by this warranty that the product will be free from defects in both material and workmanship which cause the product to fail to operate as advertised for a period of five years from date of original purchase. Hyperikon’s Five Year Unlimited Warranty is non-transferrable and is limited to normal use on approved voltage levels. We firmly believe that our bulbs should last the full 22 years of expected life, so if at any time within the first five years after the date of purchase you are not fully satisfied with the performance of your Hyperikon product, we will work with you to fix the problem or simply replace the product.

Before giving us a call about a warranty claim, please review the following:

  • Rattling bulbs: If your bulb is rattling upon delivery, this means that the chip, driver, or other internal component has been made to become loose. The bulb may still operate, but you are eligible for a warranty claim as this may compromise the longevity of the bulb.
  • Bulb Too Big or Small For Fixture: We want you to have exactly what you need. If you find at any time during the installation process that the product you purchased simply won’t fit for your needs, you may feel free to return that bulb directly to us for an exchange or full refund, regardless of a retailers return window..
  • Bulbs Flicker or Buzz When Dimmed: We understand that flickering and buzzing inside of your home is annoying, but there are many factors that could be causing these problems. Our customer service representatives are standing by 24/7 to troubleshoot these types of issues. If it is concluded that you received defective bulbs, we will replace them per our Five Year Unlimited Warranty.
  • Deformed, Damaged, or Destroyed Base/Endings: Sometimes, things go wrong either in shipping or in manufacturing, though this is never our intention. Not to worry, you are 100% covered in these instances. Simply give us a call and tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll get a brand new product in your hands..

Not Covered Under our Five Year Unlimited Warranty:

  • Damage caused by incorrect or unapproved installation or wiring – Great care must be taken when installing our lighting products. LED products have sensitive electrical components inside of them that, if mishandled, can be quickly damaged or destroyed.
  • LED Light Tubes – Though we make many different kinds of light tubes, installation of such items must be done with great precaution. Hyperikon does not cover the damage or destruction of LED tubes that are installed contrary to specific product instructions. For example: If a dual-end power tube is wired in a single-end power configuration, this will damage the tube and Hyperikon cannot cover or be held responsible for any damage that occurs. This also applies to installing non-BallastCompatible tubes into applications that have a running ballast, as this may also damage or destroy the tube.
  • LED Street Lights – All of our street lights are made to run off of direct power and may not be used with a ballast in place. Please check to ensure that the ballast in your fixture has been bypassed, as Hyperikon cannot cover or be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of installing a LED Street Light into a ballasted application.
  • 120v Rated Bulbs – Many of our standard screw-in light bulbs are approved to run on a maximum voltage of 120v. If a bulb with a 120v maximum is used on a circuit running a higher voltage, serious issues such as circuit breaks or electrical fires may occur. Please check to make sure that you have purchased the correct bulb for your needs, as Hyperikon cannot cover or be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of using a bulb in a fixture of a higher voltage rating than what is approved for the light bulb.
  • Water damage to non-weatherproofed bulbs that is caused by direct water exposure – We make many kinds of bulbs and light fixtures for many different settings, including wet-rated bulbs that are approved for use in environments such as steamy bathrooms. However, not every bulb that we make can directly stand up to the elements. For this reason, we have specifically stated the waterproof ratings for all of our products that can be used in direct contact with rain, sleet, and snow (self-enclosed fixtures). Hyperikon cannot cover or be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of using non-weatherproofed bulbs in direct contact with water elements. For further information on which products can be used safely outdoors, please call 888-846-4973.