CUL mark is applicable for products inthe Canadianmarket. Products with the markindicate that they comply with Canadiansafety standards which are basically same to reference standards of United StatesUL;of course, there are some differences in some products’ standards. For example, there are two sets of standards for hand-held power tools: UL45 is onlyapplicablein United States. UL745-1applies toUnited Statesand Canada.Bothstandardsaresimilar and derived from theInternational Electro-technical CommissionIEC60745 -Safety Standards for Hand-HeldMotor-Driven Tools.CULmarkis generallyused in household appliances, computer equipments, ventilation equipments, home security systems and othertypes ofproducts.

Some Canadian clients may require products to get CUL certification, because these products can meet the security requirements of all provinces in Canada. It is better to apply for UL with CUL together, there are many repeated test items in UL and CUL, so some tests for CUL application can be omitted, but the application procedures can’t be omitted, and then the applicant can get both certification of two countries with less cost and time.

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