ENERGY STAR is a government agency that promotes environmental protection by focusing on energy efficient products and practices. Any product that has been qualified by ENERGY STAR must meet strict requirements to be considered energy efficient and reliable.

The ENERGY STAR program requirement for integral LED lamps (retrofit sources) was drafted in 2009 and an update was implemented in March 2010. Based on this latest requirement, in order to qualify for Energy Star rating, LED lamps must comply with the following requirements (summarized):

  • Min. efficiency 40-45lm / W for PAR and MR type
  • Min. efficiency 50-55lm / W for A type
  • Color temperature with strict tolerance
  • Color maintenance (stability) measured over 6000 hrs
  • CRI of Min. 80 (77 on average)
  • Power factor ≥ 0.7 if power > 5W
  • UL + FCC certification
  • ≥ 70% lumen maintenance (L70) at 25,000hrs (min. initial test 6,000 hrs)
  • PAR & MR type must have at least 80% light output within an angle of 120°
  • A type must have an even luminous intensity distribution within 0° to 135° zone and at least 5% of total flux in the 135° to 180° zone
  • Rapid cycle stress (2 minutes on, 2 minutes off once for every two hours of required minimum L70 life)
  • Manufacturer must participate in the Department of Energy’s Quality Advocates program and use the Lighting Facts label
  • All testing report submitted for application must be issued by a DOE CALIPER recognized or NVLAP LM-79-08 accredited laboratory
  • 3 years min. warranty
  • Equivalence for non-directional is based on lumen output ENERGY STAR equivalence table
  • Equivalence for directional light source is based on a calculation tool using beam angle and light intensity in candela

Unfortunately many LED suppliers around the world have made false claims about their products and because of engineering and quality problems, many more LED light sources have disappointed buyers who were originally excited about this new technology. In addition to Hyperikon products, there are currently only a few LED products that have passed the rigorous ENERGY STAR testing requirements which means that when you are considering the purchase of an LED lamp you should look for the ENERGY STAR label in order to reduce the risk of product failure.

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Below is an example of one of our ENERGY STAR® Reports. This is for the Hyperikon® PAR20-series.

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