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2ft T8 LED Light Tube Frosted Cover

• OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY – Save up to 64% on your electricity bill! Replace 25W fluorescent tubes by 9W 2ft LED tubes. A rated lifetime of 45,000+ rated hours (21 years with 3 hours/day 365 days) makes re-lamping a thing of the past.
• BRIGHTEST IN ITS CLASS – Hyperikon® Award Winning LED T8 with a market leading 112 lumens per watt ensures that your application receives only the best lighting on the market
• REBATE-READY – DLC-qualified and thus eligible for State and Nationwide rebate program, saving you even more! Please note that ballast bypass is required upon installation
• TRUSTED NATIONWIDE – California Bestseller with a proven track record. Installed by hospitals, supermarkets, schools and hotels in San Diego and Los Angeles counties. For your safety Hyperikon® products are UL-listed [E359780] to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard
• HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – Five-year unlimited warranty means that we've got you covered. Simply give us a call and we make it right!

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Hyperikon proudly presents its premium line of LED T8 bulbs setting the standard for excellence in the world of LED lighting. Our T8 LEDs come in a wide array of color-, size- and compatibility variations and we constantly seek to improve and develop state of the art LED bulbs and tubes in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.

• UL-Listed [E359780], DLC-qualified, RoHS-compliant, CE

• Available in 2FT, 4FT and 8FT.

• The integrated driver in any Hyperikon® product is isolated in order to ensure the highest safety for our consumers

• Input Voltage AC85-235V

• 180° Beam Angle

• Hyperikon is an American brand that is recognized for its quality and durability.

• No UV or IR radiation.

• Tube Length: 48″ or 4FT

• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

• Can operate in very low temperatures (-25°F to 140°F)

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Crystal White Glow (5000K), Daylight White® (4000K)


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