LED Shoebox lights

300W LED Shoebox, 5700K

✔ SAVE 66% INSTANTLY – Cut down your electricity bill by up to 66% by replacing 300W with 100W!
✔ 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – With an astonishing life rating of 45,000 hours, or 21 years with 6 hrs/day of use, replacing your bulbs is now a thing of the past.
✔ EXTRA BRIGHT – Incredible output of 20,500 lumen at a stunning 115 lm/watt! Cut your energy bill by as much as 75% by replacing your existing fixture with the Hyperikon LED Integrated Shoebox.
✔ REBATE ELIGIBLE – For your safety, this Hyperikon product is UL-classified under E475117, and qualified for nationwide rebate programs with certifications from QPL, DLC and Lighting Facts.
✔ FIRST CLASS WARRANTY – Our Integrated Shoebox is covered by our five year unlimited warranty. Simply call or email us for a quick and easy replacement.


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Experience what high-output light means with the Hyperikon® 300W LED Shoebox

Forget about your old Metal Halide, High intensity Discharge and High pressure sodium fixtures. Everything about these old lights is a hassle: the warm up time, the bad light quality, the noise, the maintenance, etc. The time has come to make the switch! Simply change your old fixture and experience the impressive light quality from the Hyperikon® 300W LED Shoebox for Street and Area. Don’t walk in the dark anymore!

Secured durability

The Hyperikon LED Shoebox is truly a durable product that is built to last substantially longer than the rated 45,000+ hours. If this is not enough security for you, the lighting fixture is – similar to all other Hyperikon products – backed by a 5 year unlimited warranty. We call it the most hassle free warranty program in America. We truly stand behind the quality of our products.

Common Application:

· Street Lighting

· Outdoor and Indoor Area Lighting

· Warehouses and Security areas


· Hyperikon® 5 year unlimited warranty – the most hassle-free warranty program in the US

· Reduce your electricity consumption by 66% by going from 900W to only 300W

· Provides a stunning 32,000 lumens. That is a staggering and industry high 106lm/w!

· Instant-on and shatter-resistant design for both commercial and industrial grade applications.