5/6″ LED Downlight 14W 4000K CRI90+ 277v

  • Save up to 82% on your electricity bill! Replace 75W downlights by 14W LED. Provides an extraordinary lumen output for heigh ceilings.
  • CRI90+. The new gold standard within LED lighting. Hyperikon’s high CRI line offers exceptional color consistency and color rendering to enhance colors of focal points from lamp to lamp.
  • Ideal for all recessed lighting applications – from new construction to retrofit as well as commercial to residential settings. A perfect replacement for existing incandescent 65-75 watt 6″ and 5″ downlights.
  • 120-277V. Now available in setting using up to 277 volt. Now you can effectively experience the positive effects of LED in industrial settings.
  • Lifetime of more than 50,000+ hours and backed by a 5 year unlimited warranty. Hyperikon® LED Downlights give you maintenance-free and long-lasting LED light for many years to come.

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As a brand new feature, Hyperikon introduces CRI 90, paving the way for a natural and true color experience in your surroundings.

This 14W recessed LED light is designed with 4000K color temperature and wide beam which provides bright daylight glow. It is perfect for general indoor lighting in office, study, living room, kitchen, dining room, display case, under cabinets, etc. With an extraordinary lumen output, it outperforms most similar 6″ recessed lights in the current LED lighting market. The ENERGY STAR qualification guarantees incredible energy-saving performance. It is an ideal replacement kit for your old 75W halogen light with an estimated yearly cost of 1.43 dollars (based on 3hrs/day, 11c/kWh, cost may vary depending on rates and use). Halogen bulbs emit a lot of heat and use a lot more energy than standard lighting. Swapping them with a more energy-efficient LED bulb will help you convert your house, office, supermarket or hotel to a “greener” lighting system instantly. This product comes with an Edison screw base adapter and self-retained spring clips, which makes the conversion extremely easy. No other tools or components are needed. Meeting all standards UL (Underwriters Laboratories) sets for LED lighting, this product will deliver incredible performance that you can count on for ages. Electric wires are all hidden behind the ceiling and won’t wear off after years of heavy use.

Electric consumption of 14W LED light: 14W × 3Hrs × 365 = 12.05Kwh; Electric consumption of 75W halogen light: 75W× 3Hrs × 365 = 79.67Kwh Yearly cost of 14W LED light: 12.05 Kwh x 11c=$1.21 Yearly cost of 65W halogen light: 79.67Kwh x 11c=$8.76 Cutting size: Diameter: 188mm/7.4″ Height: 86.5mm/3.4″ Package includes: 1 unit of 14W LED recessed light + Edison bulb adaptor

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Daylight White® (4000K), Soft White Glow® (3000K), Warm White (2700K)


1-Pack, 4-Pack



Incandescent equivalent



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