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5/6″ LED Downlight 14W CRI90+ 120v

This 14W recessed LED light is designed with 4000K color temperature and wide beam which provides bright daylight glow. It is perfect for general indoor lighting in office, study, living room, kitchen, dining room, display case, under cabinets, etc. With 920 lumen brightness, it outperforms most similar 6″ recessed lights in the current LED lighting market. The ENERGY STAR qualification guarantees incredible energy-saving performance. It is an ideal replacement kit for your old 75W halogen light with an estimated yearly cost of 1.43 dollars (based on 3hrs/day, 11c/kWh, cost may vary depending on rates and use).

  • Easy to Install – Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fixtures.
  • UL Listed, FCC, and RoHS certifications
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fully dimmable – Dimming range from 0-100%.
  • 25,000+ rated hours lifetime.

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CRI 90 label led commercial downlightlight
The New Hyperikon® Gold Standard of LED Lighting
The sun is the most natural light we have with a CRI of 100 and therefore it is the standard of comparison for any other light source. With the newest Hyperikon® downlight-series you will be able to establish a very unique atmosphere in your home with color reflection never seen before. The Hyperikon downight provides a CRI of 90+ creating color displays that are both more natural and vibrant.
An often overlooked component of a high CRI-value, is whether the R9 value is equally high. Of the 14 components the CRI is composed of, the R9 is the most difficult enhance.The R9 value produces strong, vibrant reds. Is it really important to include a strong red when measuring color rendering?
R9 – An Underrated Feature
Strong reds are prevalent in skin tones and clothes. Food retailers should care because strong reds are prevalent in grocery store produce and meats. Gallery owners and artists should care because strong reds are prevalent in art work. Hospitals should care because strong reds are the most critical color for surgical procedures.
ENERGY STAR qualified
Hyperikon strives for excellence in every aspect. An important element in developing wholesome and dynamic LED luminaires is receiving the proper certifications. ENERGY STAR rated energy efficient LED bulbs from Hyperikon offer the economic benefit of efficient energy use without sacrificing features such as performance, style, or convenience. Premium features you’ve come to expect from Hyperikon LED bulbs.Today Hyperikon manufactures hundreds of LED light bulbs models that carry the ENERGY STAR label, making it easy for you to take advantage of any rebates, tax credits, or sales tax exemptions for energy-efficient products that your state and local utilities may offer.* U.S. Department of Energy

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Daylight White® (4000K), Soft White Glow® (3000K), Warm White (2700K)


1-Pack, 24-Pack, 4-Pack



Incandescent equivalent



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