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70W LED Canopy Light 5000K

  • Reduce your electricity consumption drastically and receive immense energy savings by replacing your 175-200W HID canopy lights with Hyperikon’s 45W LED Canopy light
  • Eliminate any maintenance costs associated with the use of HID lights by switching to Hyperikon’s LED Canopy light and save an additional 75% on your electricity bill.
  • With a heavy duty aluminum housing this product is built to last for many years. Its rated lifetime of 45,000+ hours is naturally backed by Hyperikon’s 5 year unlimited warranty.
  • The Hyperikon 45W LED Canopy light has a light output of 4150 lumens which makes it applicable to almost any outdoor settings requiring a high lumen output. For example parking garages, light entrances, security areas, walkways, ATMs and drive thrus.
  • For your safety this Hyperikon product is UL-classified under E475117, and qualified for nationwide rebate programs with certifications from QPL, DLC and Lighting Facts.


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The Hyperikon® LED Canopy Light is the preferred product of choice among many customers when replacing 175-200W HID fixtures in outdoor settings. Operates at only 75W while maintaining a superior lumen output of 5900, which is an industry high efficacy of 90lm/W meaning more quality for less the cost! This LED canopy light is ideal for commercial, industrial as well as residential applications. Use it in parking garages, schools, outdoor walkways, commercial outdoor spaces, outdoor security lighting and many more! The fully gasketed lens will protect your new LED canopy light against the harshest climate by allowing an operating temperature of -22° to 144°F – and the closely sealed lens will keep the unwelcomed bugs out of your light fixture. The Hyperikon LED Canopy is truly a durable product that is built to last substantially longer than 45,000+ hours. If this is not enough security for you, the lighting fixture is, similar to all Hyperikon products, backed by a 5 year unlimited warranty. We call it the most hassle free warranty program in America as we truly stand behind the quality of our products.

•70W and 5900 lumens giving an industry high efficacy of 90lm/W!
•Built for residential and commercial use allowing voltage between 120 and 277.
•For your safety and comfort this product is UL, DLC and FCC compliant
•Hyperikon’s 5 Year unlimited warranty – the most hassle free warranty program in America

Common ApplicationsCommercial buildings: Facades, garages, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, etc. • Commercial areas: Security areas, storage, pathways, loading docks, driveways, stairways, entrances and parking.

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