LED Street Lights

LED Corn Bulb 54W Street Light

  • Save 80% in electricity consumption compared with conventional street lights, high pressure sodiums and metal halides.
  • Universal application. Replaces any current HPS’ or HIDs. Voltage range of 85-325V and 50/60Hz. IP66. Note that ballast must be bypassed when replacing Metal Halides or HPS
  • 54W LED replaces 250W-400W traditional street lighting with up to 6,500 lumens
  • Lifetime of 22 years (365 days, based on 6 hrs/day)
  • LDL-qualified and thus eligible for rebate- and incentive programs from participating utility members. For your safety all Hyperikon® products are UL-classified [E472253] to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard


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Enhance your outdoor or indoor environment with the brand new Hyperikon® high lumen street lamp. Hyperikon has strived to engineer an energy-efficient yet simple and beautiful light – the result is the street light series providing a wide range of both wattages and colors. The lights can replace any 150W-400W high intensity discharge (HDS) or low pressure sodium (LPS) luminaires. With 50,000+ rated hours of lifetime, the bulb will last 23 years with 4 hours of usage per day. Commercial and industrial grade – constructed with heavy-duty corrosion resistance die-cast.

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