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LED Panels 2x4FT 50W

  • Hyperikon® introduces its brand new LED 2x4FT Panel lighting. This 35W LED panel can replace 4 x 2FT fluorescent tubes (72W Equivalent) saving you up to 65% in energy consumption. Reduce re-lamp frequency with a rated lifetime of 45,000+ hours.
  • Quick and easy installation with multiple installation applications. Modular splice box/driver compartment included for quick installation. Integral Tee grid clips make installation easy and secure. This LED Panel can be installed in either drop ceiling or hung as a pendant (pendant to be purchased separately).
  • Eligible for state- and nationwide rebates programs. The Hyperikon® LED Panel is qualified by “Design Lights Consortium (DLC)” as well as “Lighting Facts®”, and is therefore eligible for rebates and incentives from all “Lighting Facts®” Member Utilities (e.g. Pacific Gas and Electric).
  • Furthermore, this panel complies with most Title regulations on building and electrical codes – among others, California Title 24 which allows for legal installation in schools, hospitals and other public entities.
  • Fully DIMMABLE with a 0-10V Dimmer. Modern Lighting – Hyperikon® LED Panels will upgrade any office, shop or classroom setting to a modern contemporary look. Multiple installation applications. This LED Panel can be installed in either drop ceiling or hung as a pendant (pendant INCLUDED in package).

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Hyperikon’s new low profile LED Panels provide for a great replacement for old fluorescent fixtures. The new LED Panel lights comply with all state- and federal regulations, and are therefore ideal for installation in public facilities, such as schools or hospitals. The uniform lighting provided by the LED panels enriches the surroundings and creates a more pleasant environment regardless of application.

Additional Features

  • Creates smooth even lighting with no shaded areas
  • UL-Listed (E479325)
  • Input Voltage: 100-277VAC — 50/60Hz
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Hyperikon is an American brand that is recognized for it’s quality and durability.
  • WARRANTY: With a 5 year unlimited warranty, simply contact us for replacements
  • DESIGN: The elegant design provides increased life when compared to less-efficient fluorescent tubes
  • Hyperikon lighting improves ambiance, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home while delivering performance you can count on

Whether installed as pendant or in a drop-ceiling, these panels will enhance its environment with bright state-of-the-art LED lighting.

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