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PAR30 SN LED Bulb 10W

  • Save up 84% on your electricity bill! Hyperikon® 10W LED PAR30 SHORT NECK flood light provides for an ideal replacement of your 65W incandescent PAR30.
  • Reduce re-lamp frequency with Hyperikon's guaranteed lifetime of 45,000+ rated hours backed by a 5 year unlimited warranty. The bulb can be used in outdoor fixtures as well.
  • Provides a nice, diffused level of light with smooth DIMMING capabilities to create a soft white and inviting atmosphere. Ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Easy Installation. The Short Neck PAR30 shape with medium screw base (E26), Installs into all medium screw base fixtures directly.
  • CRI90+. The new gold standard within LED lighting. Hyperikon's high CRI line offers exceptional color consistency and rendering to enhance colors of focal points from lamp to lamp.


  • Save 85% on your electricity bill
  • Available in Bright White (4000K), Soft White (3000K), Warm White (2700K), and Amber Glow (2300K)

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Introducing the Hyperikon® High-Performance PAR30 LED Short Neck

Why continue to use traditional lighting when Hyperikon® PAR30 LED Short Neck bulbs can provide a much higher lumen output for less money? Just like their incandescent and fluorescent equivalents, these energy-efficient bulbs can be used in lamps, ceiling fans, pendants, wall sconces and general overhead lighting. What makes Hyperikon® PAR30 LED Short Neck bulbs different, however, is that they use much less energy, last 10x as long and give a better, cleaner and higher quality light. Reduce the number of light bulb changes and lower greenhouse gas emissions, saving you money and protecting the environment. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Endless Opportunities

As a brand new feature, Hyperikon introduces CRI 90+, paving the way for a natural and true color experience in your surroundings.

Our PAR30s are tailored to exceed your expectations when it comes to ambiance and color reflection performance.

Common Application:

· Any indoor residential lighting setting

· Commercial lighting applications

· Outdoor walkways, patios and pathways


· Hyperikon® 5 year unlimited warranty – the most hassle-free warranty program in the US

· Reduce your electricity consumption with 80% by going from 65W to only 10W

· Provides a stunning 800 lumens. That is a staggering 80lm/w!

· INSTANT-ON and shatter-resistant design for both commercial and industrial grade applications.


· COB-diode design for enhanced lumen output

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Amber Glow®(2300K), Crystal White Glow (5000K), Daylight White® (4000K), Soft White Glow® (3000K), Warm White (2700K)


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